Customer Centric

Starts With CX

OmniPanel is the all-in-one

CX workspace for case handoffs

& customer insights reporting.

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Faster Feedback Loops

OmniPanel connects CX & Internal teams. It's one place to share customer cases with evidence, and bring the user voice into everyone's daily workflows.

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How Can We Help?

OmniPanel helps teams communicate vital business issues - the type that have massive effects on LTV while going unnoticed.


Customers reach out when something goes wrong. Their issues are rarely one-off. We help bundle anecdotes, scope, and evidence around issues in a few clicks so problems get fixed before affecting more users.

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Made Simple

Ask yourself: Do you really have the tools to support your CX process? Or do important customer issues get lost in the noise of slack & google sheets.

Think about every customer that reaches out. Every issue that takes weeks of back and forth to resolve. Every time you have to manually pull a list of customers reporting a specific problem, or spend hours building a VOC report.

It can be easier, and we can help.

Why Should You Care ?

1. Acquisition is Expensive

Budgets are shrinking and CAC for new users costs more and more. With OmniPanel, you can boost ROI on your marketing dollars with more committed customers.

2. Iterate or Perish

Customers don’t reach out to say hello. They reach out because they are confused or frustrated. Neglecting digital feedback and underlying issues will eventually cost you your job, and ultimately, the business.

3. Time is Money

What used to take weeks to go from customer - support agent - cx manager - product manager - engineer now takes minutes. The future of user centric infrastructure is here and it’s called OmniPanel.

4. LTV Matters

Driving improvement to business processes with better products and experience has massive impacts on your bottom line. Don’t leave LTV on the table.

5. Stand Out

In a digital world with endless competitors for user attention, standing out from the crowd and being an advocate for your customer is mission critical.

6. Set up in Minutes

Get started ASAP, no dev work required. Designed to be simple and cost effective.

We've Got Your Back

OmniPanel is more than software. We're a team of past founders and digital creators whose mission is to help you be as efficient, user centric, and profitable as possible along your business journey.

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Connect to OmniPanel in Minutes

No coding required. Start collaborating after a quick

installation of our API.


"OmniPanel is absolutely vital for transparency across CX, Product, Marketing, and Exec Teams." 

- Austin | Smacne

Supercharge CX

Want customer first culture, just add water?

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