Build Better

Customer Experiences

Failing to capture & integrate critical user feedback could destroy your business. With OmniPanel, you can move fast to resolve key issues.

What is OmniPanel ?

OmniPanel is an analytics platform that surfaces key user insights from your customer support tickets so you can identify when, where, and how user friction impacts your retention and profitability. It’s a platform that can transform the way you approach CX and put the customer’s voice first.

How Can We Help?

Omnipanel diagnoses vital business issues - the type that have massive effects on LTV while going unnoticed.


Customers reach out when something goes wrong. Their issues are rarely one-off. We surface the context behind each case so you can fix problems before they affect more users.

Say Goodbye to

User Churn

Ask yourself: Do you really care about customer experience? Or are you just letting issues compound?

Think about every customer that reaches out. Every ticket that goes unsolved. Every time you offer a customer an interaction with a chat bot, an FAQ page, or a miserable customer service interaction.

You need to be better, and we can help.

Why Should You Care ?

1. Acquisition is Expensive

Budgets are shrinking and CAC for new users costs more and more. With OmniPanel, you can boost ROI on your marketing dollars with more committed customers.

2. Iterate or Perish

Customers don’t reach out to say hello. They reach out because they are confused or frustrated. Neglecting digital feedback and underlying issues will eventually cost you your job, and ultimately, the business.

3. Time is Money

What used to take weeks to go from customer - support agent - cx manager - product manager - engineer now takes minutes. The future of user centric infrastructure is here and it’s called OmniPanel.

4. LTV Matters

Driving improvement to business processes with better products and experience has massive impacts on your bottom line. Don’t leave LTV on the table.

5. Stand Out

In a digital world with endless competitors for user attention, standing out from the crowd and being an advocate for your customer is mission critical.

6. Set up in Minutes

You’re probably thinking setup will take forever, it’ll cost a lot, and not be that helpful. Totally false. We designed it to be simple and cost effective.

We've Got Your Back

OmniPanel is more than software. We're a team of past founders and digital creators whose mission is to help you be as efficient, user centric, and profitable as possible along your business journey.

How to Get Started

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Chat with one of our CX experts to see if your business qualifies.



Unlimited access to the whole OmniPanel ecosystem.



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We’ll recommend the best pricing packages that suit your business and growth.

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"OmniPanel is absolutely vital for transparency across CX, Product, Marketing, and Exec Teams." 

- Kathryn | PolarShades

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