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Connect the Dots

Clarity across orders, returns, support tickets, shipments, subscriptions, marketing campaigns & more


Highlight your key recurring customer themes. Organize and track all initiatives originating in CX. Customer-centric culture starts with CX tools to support a highly cross functional work flow.


Bundle key customer quotes to add a storytelling layer missing from data-centric dashboards. Help internal teams better understand and engage with key CX initiatives, and put the customer voice first.


Tracking and reporting issues in OmniPanel means the burden of proof doesn't need to fall onto CX. Bundle all the cases and evidence of a particular customer issue in a few clicks. Move the CX agenda forward quicker with data context & evidence at your fingertips.

Tracking & SLAs

Keep suppliers, warehouse, & 3PLs accountable. Quantify & track instances of missing items, order inaccuracy, & warranty claims. Claw back $$ when they fall short.

Where Feedback Meets Roadmap

Quickly understand customer data and feedback by products, styles, skus, and more.

Product teams take action fast when customer feedback is matched with clear data context.

Remarketing & Winbacks

Find all users that encountered any specific issue.

Automatically fetch user properties, like their email, product spend, and order ID to customize and send a thoughtful campaign.

Your CX Workspace

One workspace for cross-functional reporting and collaboration with internal teams.

Get beyond support metrics like CSAT, FRT, NPS and track agent performance against dollars sold, customer retention & LTV.

A single workspace built on top of your eCommerce stack

Surface Issues
See spikes across orders, customers, tickets, returns, and more, all from the same screen.

Quantify Scope
Find all cases of any customer issue with filters across all data sources.

Calculate ROI
Factor in COGS, scope, shipping, re-stocking, time to fix, CAC etc. to put issues into $ terms.

Collaborate & Share
Work with your team all from one simple collaborative workspace.

Built for Cross Functional Work

Automate case handoffs & manual insights reporting

Global Lookups

One platform with data matching for any cross platform lookup

Automated CX Reports

Set up custom dashboards for specific issue types

Calculate ROI

Quantify the scope and business cost of any customer issue

Marketing Win-Backs

User lists from returns, support, reviews, and more for retention

SLA Enforcement

Automate issue tracking to hold vendors & 3PLs accountable

Agent Performance

Go beyond NPS & CSAT and quantify issue value by the $

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Integrate Your Full Stack

OmniPanel links your e-commerce stack together to supercharge cross-functional work.

Happy Returns

No Code Required

Simple API connections. Set up in seconds.

Possible Use Cases

Find how you can automate manual reports, get insights & much more using OmniPanel.

Designed for E-Commerce Teams

“OmniPanel is absolutely vital for transparency across CX, Product, Marketing, and Exec Teams. It's saved countless hours of back & forth and transformed the way our whole company engages with CX.”

Austin S
CEO at Smacne

"It's so important to humanize issues to the teams who aren't living in it. When we can illustrate the importance of CX to the entire company, we can shift from a siloed approach to CX to real cross-functional work."

Co-Founder, Seated

"For CX Teams, it's crucial to paint themes backed up by data. I love how this takes a CX first approach. Most software tools are purpose built for product and PMs, which generally skips right over CX and all their nuance and contextual understanding of the customer."

Stefan P
Head of CX, Biorender

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