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Helping Companies Grow Through Qualitative Customer Insights


Starting With The User

Everyone at OmniPanel has a background working closely with users to help shape product and business iterations across popular venture backed startups to the largest tech companies. We know that if you want to get an idea of what is happening with your business, you have to talk to your users. Whether you're a founder, executive, or recent hire, the fastest way to get into the user's mind and understand the inner workings of your product is to spend time doing support for your customers. When you see what's happening at the level of support, you'll care more about your customers which will impact the work delivered across all departments of your business.


More Authentic Insights With Qualitative Data

We're here to help companies tap into and make sense of their most valuable resource: the dialogue inside their customer support interactions. At scale, these interactions paint a crystal clear picture of the current state of business affairs. Companies only become user centric by empowering teams to understand their customer better. With more authentic insights comes more effective iterations across all company divisions.

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