Case Escalation

Quickly share support cases and context with stakeholders


One Click to Share Issues & Full Context 

When an employee sees a user problem, they generally must communicate the issue to several stakeholders before getting a resolution.


Agents can instantly package and escalate serious user issues from the front line. Team members can view entire case conversation with customer data points without need for long agent write ups.

Every Problem is a Context Problem.

People make poor decisions because they don't have the same context.

You want to give people as much information transparently as possible so the rest of an organization can make the same decision the CEO would.

- Keith Rabois


Empower Collaboration

The value of user support tickets is in the context. A case can mean something entirely different coming from a VIP or a first timer.

Make sure stake holders have an easy way to both share and visit important cases. Collaboration flows when stakeholders see the whole context from the vantage point of those finding the problem in the first place.

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