Custom Cohorts

Understand your business from the vantage point of any user segment


Give Certainty to Business Hypotheses

Using qualitative data in conjunction with quantitative data gives business teams a crucial reference point when determining causation of a problem. Create cohorts to see what specific user groups are reporting, so you know what initiatives to prioritize.


See How Issues Affect Specific User Segments

Surface the key issues that specific segments of users are experiencing. This gives teams more insight into how to prioritize future implementations and where attention is needed to provide the best experience for customers at every stage of the user journey. 

It's invaluable for PM's to cross reference qualitative data from specific cohorts. My job is a lot easier when you can remove the guesswork.

- Omar Beiruty -

Technical Product Manager


See The Cohorts Each Issue Affects The Most

Issues users are encountering may have disproportionate effects to specific groups of users. Solve problems more efficiently with the ability to understand your qualitative data, and see which groups are experiencing the issues. For example: if a user issue has a particularly high prevalence in a cohort of churned users, that specific issue might be worth prioritizing for a closer look.


Track How Your Iterations Impact Cohorts Over Time

Evaluate the impact of your iterations by tracking cohorts over time. When your implementations are successful, you'll see a drop off in the frequency with which cohorts report problems of interest. 

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