About OmniPanel

OmniPanel is a workspace for e-commerce reporting & insights. Let's make your customer's voice accessible to all.

Our Mission

Power to the Operators

Our mission is to bring operators of e-commerce businesses closer to the customers they serve.

Unlocking Customer Insights at Scale

We're here to help companies tap into and make sense of their most valuable resource: their customer touch points at scale. As companies grow, it's increasingly harder to be customer-centric. But when everyone on the team can get closer to the end-customer experience, innovation thrives across all company divisions.

The team behind OmniPanel

Powering Customer Obsession At Scale

Blaine Bolus


As co-founder of Seated, Blaine led CX to drive business growth.

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Troy Bolus

Co-Founder and CEO

As co-founder of Seated, Troy led Product across mobile, web, and restaurant technical infrastructure.

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Jonathan Trieu

Product Marketing

Product Marketing at OmniPanel

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Zoya Khan

Product Marketing

Product Marketing at OmniPanel

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Jane Lee


Product at OmniPanel

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Farooq Javed

VP Alliances @ Medallia

Farooq is the VP of Alliances & Partners at Medallia. Previously he founded 7C Wireless, and worked as a VC at Battery and Rho Ventures.

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Sabrina Hahn

Director @ Pace Gallery

Sabrina Hahn is an art collector, Director at Pace Gallery, and prominent angel investor. Investments include: Snapchat, SpaceX, Noom, Ramp, Pawp, Goody, and more.

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Andrew Peterson

CEO @ Signal Sciences

Andrew Peterson is the Founder & CEO at Signal Sciences. Prior, he built product at Etsy and Google.

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Andrew Boni

Co-Founder @ Iterable

Andrew Boni is the Co-Founder & CEO of Iterable. He previously worked at Google on AdSense, after studying Computer Science and Business at Boston College.

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Jon Oringer

Founder @ Shutterstock

Jon Oringer is the founder and CEO of Shutterstock, a stock media and editing tools. He invests in fast growing startups via Pareto Holdings in Miami.

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Murat Bicer


Murat Bicer joined CRV in 2015. His investments include early bets on Gorgias, Emotive, Iterable, Datadog, Zerto and more.

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Our Principles

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Open Minded

Innovation happens by breaking free of traditional models and rules.

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Build To Last

Greatness starts with a solid foundation. Build things the right way & with intention.

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Team First

At OmniPanel, it's a team effort. Everyone is part of the journey and has a huge part in what we can achieve together.

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Customer Obsessed

We practice what we preach. Everything we do is with our customers in mind.

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