Engineering Teams

Easy to Integrate,
No Maintenance Or Code Required


Connecting To

Your Data

OmniPanel integrates with all of your data warehousing platforms so you can easily export your data without any extra work. Enter your API keys to get started with OmniPanel, no maintenance or code required.


Corner Case Discovery

When new builds are pushed to production, customer support is often the first to hear about corner cases. OmniPanel ensures bugs do not get lost in translation and allows engineering teams to stay on top of user issues.


When you release new product iterations, customers will report issues back to support. If you notice a spike in cases related to your area of work, you can quickly access what users are reporting and patch issues immediately. 

OmniPanel is simple to set up and has strengthened the feedback and iteration loop between product and engineering.

- Edward Koh -

Full Stack Developer


Cross Platform Insights

Connect OmniPanel directly to 3rd party providers so teams can quickly access data across multiple service providers. With a few simple connections, teams can navigate insights across all of your data platforms with no code required.

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