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Fix Broken Business Processes For Good

Find & Fix Lethal

Blind Spots

The process helping your business evolve:

gather data, see trends, understand why issues happen, iterate as necessary, and repeat.

1. Capture Feedback

Link your customer support system to OmniPanel to see an overview of what all of your users are reporting as key issues.

2. See Key Trends

From the OmniPanel dashboard, view the key trends and most important issues that customers are reporting in real time. See all the cases associated with specific trends and topics. 

3. Understand Issue Context

Understand the root causes of each user problem by breaking issues down by cohort. You'll have the user's full history and context of all their interactions with your service so you can understand causality. Context is key when it comes to feedback.

4. Close The Loop

Fix the most pressing customer pain points before the same problem occurs again or affects any other users.

Business Teams ROI

OmniPanel helps managers across divisions make sense of all the qualitative data buried in your customer support interactions.


Instantly see how users experience your product, service, campaigns, & more.

Zoom into specific cases for case causality, and get the user’s history along all support interactions.

Link your database & 3rd party services and see the particular issues affecting specific user cohorts.

See issues that users report over time and track core business KPI’s.

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