10 Key Priorities for Better CX in 2021

As we move on from the uncertainty that characterized much of 2020, businesses should focus on developing and implementing comp..

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June 22, 2021
10 Key Priorities for Better  CX in 2021

As we move on from the uncertainty that characterized much of 2020, businesses should focus on developing and implementing comprehensive CX strategies that support their customers. To do so, companies should embrace the philosophy of customer-centricity and ensure internal teams have the adequate CX infrastructure required to maintain this message. Wondering how to go about doing this? Focus on these 10 considerations when it comes to cultivating a better CX in the coming year.

🤝 Leverage Cross-Functional Relationships

Insights from Gallup reveal that connected teams are 21% more profitable than their less-connected counterparts. With remote workspaces lifting barriers between departments, today's businesses have a unique opportunity to involve both CX & internal teams in customer-led initiatives. Such a change requires the right platform to align teams around a shared perspective of the customer.

💬 Strengthen Brand Communication

Digital transformation has empowered customers to interact with brands across many touch points, from mobile apps to social media. Deliver an engaging brand experience by leveraging the right communication strategies, so that you can send customers messages they'll value.

Great brand communication takes into consideration several factors:

  • Audience. Know who you're speaking to. Understanding your target audience is more nuanced than assessing their demographics—your company must learn about their needs and wants. Use this information to communicate in a way that makes sense to them.
  • Design. No matter how relevant your narrative is, the way you decide to display it—from text size and font to accompanying graphics—directly impacts how someone understands it.
  • Channel. Where you communicate with your audience is equally important as what you communicate. Meet customers where they are to drive up engagement rates.
  • Goal. Identify what you're trying to get out of an interaction. Whether that's awareness, loyalty, or something else, a goal will give your internal teams a sense of direction.
  • Follow Up. A brand relationships doesn't just end with the purchase. It's ongoing and must be cultivated over time through frequent updates.

🛠️ Personalize Your CX

Does your business see personalization as more than a buzzword? If not, it's missing out on countless customers who expect hyper-relevant interactions. Use analytics to drive the products you recommend, the advertisements you display, and the channels you frequent.

Tailoring support interactions to the customer is just as crucial. Fortunately, CX teams bring the context needed for personalized resolutions. This data can be used to anticipate actions that best address the customer's issues based on their history with the business. That way, your customer-facing teams can respond in a way that that speaks directly to the user.

💌 Focus on Loyalty and Retention

To boost revenue at no extra acquisition cost, align your CX & internal team strategies to make each customer's buying process the best that it can be. Fostering collaboration to optimize your brand's touch points will earn you loyal customers. It's simple: Customers will trust brands with their money as long as they receive value in exchange.

As you think about retention, consider the following best practices:

  • Incentivize Repeat Purchases. Customer loyalty programs and exclusive discounts for repeat customers are tried-and-true methods for increasing LTV and revenue alike.
  • Stay in Touch. With a loyalty program in place, you can send welcome letters, monthly point statements, birthday reminders, and new reward offerings.  Sending something as simple as a birthday wish is a great way to let members know you appreciate them.
  • Learn from Your Mistakes. An unhappy customer is never a good thing, but it's still an opportunity to make a compelling case for their loyalty. This may look like offering a full refund & replacement and working with internal teams to reach a permanent solution.

📱Consider the Mobile CX

The "year of mobile" has come and gone, and now mobile is the standard—not the cutting edge. If your CX doesn't include seamless mobile touch points, then you're behind the curve.

Many of our first interactions with brands occur on our phones. Whether that involves passively searching for a restaurant or browsing the latest styles at a new fashion retailer, we expect to conveniently find and get what we need. Want to fulfill these expectations? Ensure your mobile platform can be changed fast enough to respond to amassed customer insights.

🤖 Achieve More with Automation

Want to spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time driving big-picture initiatives? Chatbots will help you handle many inquiries with consistent quality of service, while customer analytics can parse through interactions to reveal opportunities for improvement. Keeping your internal teams in-tune with these insights will empower them to resolve problems before they affect your bottom-line. Just remember: Automation is meant to enhance—not replace—CX personnel.

🎗️ Tie your DX to CX

While customers may not think about your brand in terms of its digital experience and customer experience, your internal teams definitely should. The two experiences work together in a reinforcing cycle: improving DX requires regular customer feedback, while improving CX requires the customer data provided by digital analytics. This cycle paints a complete picture of how the customer journey spans online and offline channels. Implementing this awareness across each department will set your company up for success.

🏃🏻‍♀️ Extract Actionable Insights

The quality of your data can make or break your CX. After all, your business success depends on how well your internal teams understand and accommodate the needs of your customer base. When sharing a customer insight with your internal stakeholders, contextualize it with historical knowledge to make its context crystal clear. This'll put your resolutions on the fast track.

🔁 Close Feedback Loops

Instead of just collecting feedback, you should be acting on it. Treat feedback as the start of a conversation with the customer that can benefit both sides. That involves resolving problems effectively, acknowledging suggestions, and answering customer questions.

Closing your feedback loops to inspire such action will not only prevent unhappy customers from becoming detractors—they'll also turn neutral customers into promoters. It lets customers know that their insights are valuable enough to drive change. This message is more important than ever in today's market, where customers cite feeling unappreciated as their primary reason for switching brands.

🏗️ Invest in CX Infrastructure

When it comes to driving customer-led initiatives, Slack & Google Sheets won't cut it. Your CX & internal teams need one place to share customer problems, understand their multi-system context, & have appropriate discussion through to resolution.

Gone are the days where CX teams need to hunt down customer anecdotes and scattered data context for every case. 2021 is the year to equip your customer-facing personnel with the tools they need to excel.

Reinvent CX with OmniPanel

OmniPanel can help you close feedback loops between customers and internal teams faster, so you can spend more time delighting your customers. By optimizing your business with your customers in mind, you should see significant improvements in your bottom-line revenue. Customer-led outcomes start with an infrastructure that empowers your CX teams to drive critical business outcomes quickly and efficiently.

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