E-Commerce Customer Complaints: How to Stop Them Before They Happen

Here are the four most common types of support tickets and how you can use them to drive business outcomes:

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June 22, 2021
E-Commerce Customer Complaints: How to Stop Them Before They Happen

CX Prevents Complaints Before They Happen.

Customer complaints are a part of doing business—and one of your most valuable sources of information. Think about it: Support tickets highlight exactly how customers engage with your company and where points of friction interfere with their journeys. That's why today's most successful companies use them as a springboard to improve their customer experience. Here are the four most common types of support tickets and how you can use them to drive business outcomes:

🔎 Product Availability

Picture a customer who's excited to buy a product from your collection, only to find out what they wanted is out of stock. While customers could be willing to wait for a restock, their overall experience suffers as a result.

Looking to address this age-old CX gap? Start by analyzing your support tickets to uncover trends in your inventory: Perhaps your products sell out quickly during a certain season, or there's a product that customers always seek out more than others. Assessing the scope of each complaint will help you loop the right vendors into the resolution process. That way, you can remedy supply chain inefficiencies before they affect more customers.

⏳ Shipping Times

We've all been frustrated when an order takes longer to arrive than we expected. Some shipping delays may be out of your hands, but rethinking how you approach them can make for more understanding customers.

Proactive communication is key here. Whether there's a certain product or a general region that's facing shipping inefficiencies, use support tickets to identify and inform customers of these instances early on. Customers who are in-the-know are much less likely to get upset and churn—or worse, tell others about their negative experience.

💻 Digital Experience

You only have one chance to make a first impression, and an unresponsive website or confusing check-out process prevents leads from ever becoming customers.

If one customer feels troubled enough to send a support ticket, many others likely feel the same way. That's why it's important to focus on the context of each complaint: Are customers waiting too long for a page to load? Does a certain link send them to the wrong page? Just by naturally interacting with your website, shoppers uncover bugs that your internal teams couldn't.

A seamless browsing experience has become a standard for succesful companies, which is why empowering your web team to address feedback is key to improving your customer experience—and your bottom line.

🧩 Misaligned Expectations

Nothing ruins an online purchase more than expecting one thing and receiving another. Fortunately, support tickets highlight where your products are missing the mark.

First, understand the root cause of the issue. Support tickets may indicate that a product doesn't looking like what customers expected, which would point to an issue with product photos on your website. Alternatively, customers could have expected something that your company never set out to provide. These support tickets may indicate that your marketing copy needs a rework.

Once you've diagnosed the problem, relay customer feedback to the responsible teams. This will drive the stakeholder action necessary to reach resolutions and prevent future complaints.

➡️ Going Forward

While these are some of the most common types of support tickets you'll come across, each company's customer experience has its complexities. There will always more insights to uncover and new ways to improve your customer experience.

That's why customer feedback—both positive and negative—is one of the most powerful sources of data you have. But here's the catch: Turning insights into business outcomes require a strong internal feedback loop. If customer feedback is scattered and doesn't get sent to the right team, it's as good as nothing.

Your company needs a single platform for CX and internal teams to address customer problems, from receiving a support ticket to reaching a resolution. Fortunately, OmniPanel provides just that. We'll unify information from each of your data sources to provide a complete view of the customer experience, one that doesn't require countless Slack messages and spreadsheets.

Start revolutionizing your customer experience today with OmniPanel.

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