Plans for any size operation. Orders are calculated as the number of unique orders that your business processes on a trailing 12 month basis.

/ month

5000 Orders

+$20 per each extra 1000 orders

- 2 integrations
- 3 report panels
- Basic tools
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/ month

25,000 Orders

+$10 per each extra 1000 orders

Also includes:
- Unlimited integrations
- Unlimited reports
- Success Manager
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Custom Pricing

Custom Order Volume

Large volume tailored packages

Also Includes:
- Custom integrations
- Custom implementation

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Why Prioritize CX Tools ?

Acquisition Is Expensive

CAC for new users keeps going up. Boost ROI on marketing dollars with better retention.

Iterate or Perish

Customers don’t just reach out to say hello. Neglecting feedback and underlying issues never ends well.

Time Is Money

What used to take weeks to go from support agent - cx manager - product manager - engineer now takes minutes.

LTV Matters

Improving customer experience has massive impacts on your bottom line. Don’t leave LTV on the table.

Stand Out

In a world with endless competitors for user attention, standing out from the crowd starts with great CX.

Your Customers Do.

More than ever, building a great experience and being an advocate for your customer is mission critical.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does OmniPanel replace any software?

Nope. OmniPanel lives on top of your current tech stack.

Any software development required?

No. Anyone can use Omnipanel, no technical background required.

How long does it take to set up?

Set up takes less than 10 minutes. Create an account, connect your systems, and go!

How do I get started?

Book a demo on our website and we'll help you create an account with OmniPanel. Once your workspace is set-up, you can link your tech stack.

Is there a free trial for OmniPanel?

Yes! Book a demo with us to see if your company qualifies for a free 3-month test drive.

What are billing options?

We currently offer a subscription on a per-monthly basis, or a discounted yearly rate.

What counts as a seat?

Every user who can log into OmniPanel and view and edit customer themes is counted as a seat.

Is there sales tax?

You may be required to pay state sales tax on your subscription. This will be determined based on the billing address provided.

What does OmniPanel do?

OmniPanel puts all the tools needed to run an effective cross-functional CX process in one place, all with no code required.

Who is OmniPanel for?

OmniPanel is for any organization who believes they can benefit by empowering CX and paying attention to their customer feedback to guide innovation.

What platforms should I connect?

You'll get the most insight by connecting API's for your Helpdesk, Order Info, Marketing, Shipping & Returns, and Analytics platforms.

Can I do this from my helpdesk?

No. OmniPanel is purpose built for the cross functional and internal responsibilities of CX Teams.

How can I contact the OmniPanel team?

Drop us a line and we'll be in touch ASAP.

Who is the team behind OmniPanel?

Check out our team page to learn about everyone involved in helping businesses better relate to the customers they serve.

Where can I learn more about CX?

Check out our resources tab for more!

Got Feature Request or Product Idea?

Drop us a line. We'd love to hear your thoughts and build the future of CX, together.

Could find the answer you are looking for?

Please send us a message and we will help get all your questions answered

Ready to get started?

Create an account instantly and start helping customers. You can also contact us to design a custom package for your business.