The 1st Dedicated CX Workspace

Software designed for cross-functional work. Automate your customer insights reporting & case handoffs to internal teams.

Your Ultimate CX Toolkit.
All In One Place.

Track Themes

Bring company-wide focus to key recurring user issues

Automated Dashboards

Set up custom dashboards for specific issue types

Case Lists & Evidence

Pull all the cases & data context for any issue customers encounter

Multiplayer Mode

Work from the same screen to get to the bottom of issues, together

Scope & Sentiment

Measure customer sentiment for any specific topic

ROI Calculator

Go beyond NPS & CSAT and quantify issue value by the $

Organize Issue Themes

Themes help you solve recurring customer issues faster. Quickly batch cases together that are representative of any problem you need buy-in to get fixed.

OmniPanel pulls in info provided by your helpdesk and connected data sources to expedite your workflow.

Automate CX Dashboards

Never build the same report twice. Set up custom CX dashboards for the issues unique to your business, and let them run automatically.

No more tedious tracking of warranty claims, manufacturing mishaps, missing items, or any other customer bottleneck.

With data fields from across your stack, you can quickly uncover the root cause of any customer issue - with proof.

Case Lists & Evidence

Whenever a user messages support, CX teams can categorize the issue and instantly pull all the relevant data parameters associated with a case.

Example: for every ticket that is tagged as “Warranty Claim” OmniPanel could instantly find the Order ID, Product SKU, Price, and Ship Date, or any field you need for context.

Multiplayer Mode

Customer experience is a result of inputs from every single team. OmniPanel helps facilitate cross functional work.

Collaborate in real time to solve customer issues with various departments. (Think: Operations, E-commerce, Marketing, Product, Revenue, and Customer Support).

Sentiment By Topic

OmniPanel automatically calculates the sentiment within any batch of support tickets. Filter by tag, date, and every data parameter from your stack.

Plan initiatives with full insight into which issues are really frustrating or delighting your customers.

Close The Loop

With your helpdesk and data connected, you'll have everything needed to drive customer initiatives in one place.

Build narratives around customer problems, highlight quotes and data snippets, and close the loop before more users are affected.

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