Connect the dots

Software designed for cross-functional work. Unified e-commerce data & powerful customer insights, no code or SQL ever required.

The Ultimate Toolkit for E-commerce. All in one place.

Unified E-commerce Data

Connect info from all your fragmented systems into one workspace

Customer Analysis

Search across all your connected systems instantly

Automated Reporting

Let any team member pull insights they need, no SQL or code required

Cohort Builder

Collaborate from the same screen to get to the bottom of issues, together


Simple interface to graph & share insights with your team

ROI Calculator

Put a $ amount to any business issue for immediate clarity and action

Unified E-Commerce Data

For most fast growing brands, customer info is fragmented across a tech stack that doesn't talk to each other.

OmniPanel changes that. We make it easy to connect the dots between all customer touchpoints, from orders to marketing to shipments and subscriptions and everything in between.

Customer Analysis

Data teams and services are expensive, and block operators without advanced knowledge from simple insights + lookups.

OmniPanel let's anyone analyze the who and the why behind campaigns, post-purchase flows, skus, returns, support topics, review types, subscriptions, & more right out of the box.

Automated Reports

Don't waste any more time in forms or google sheets manually tracking recurring business issues.

OmniPanel joins all your data to automate issue tracking & reporting, so you'll never have to wrangle an excel sheet or pivot table for insights again.

Multiplayer Mode

E-commerce systems are single user interfaces, rather than collaborative workspaces for teams.

Customer retention & business growth are results of inputs from every single team. OmniPanel helps facilitate cross functional work, together.


Having access to unlimited metadata from across your stack is great, but visuals and dashboards make it easy to spot patterns.

Set up custom dashboards and run ad-hoc visualizations on top of your connected e-commerce data.

ROI Calculator

Major business problems get overlooked when they aren't in context every team understands: dollar terms.

OmniPanel helps quantify the ROI of solving any business issue. Factor in inputs like cost of goods, shipping & returns costs, instances, days on-going, and other key variables to match abstract issues to the bottom line.

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Tie your tech stack together in seconds, no dev work required.

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