A Personalized Support Inbox

Just the cases that matter to you.


Cases You Need To See

It’s impossible for employees to see first-hand how their work impacts user behavior & sentiment.


OmniPanel gives each employee a simple way to see all customer cases related to the products they built and are responsible for improving.


Most PMs, marketers, designers, copywriters and creators have no way to see the downstream effects of their work in customer support. Not anymore.


OmniPanel enables essential team collaboration. Share entire full context support cases representative of broader issues to anyone in an instant.


Team members must be responsible for improving their products through iteration. They can't iterate if they don't know where the user problems are.


The Danger of Hyperfocus  

Generally speaking, the product team solves product problems, the marketing team solves engagement problems, and the support team solves customer problems. That said, how are team members supposed to know when their actions lead to real business consequences, many of which they may not have any way of being judged on?


The key is building a feedback loop for employees to understand how their work impacts their end user. By listening to what users report about the specific areas they are responsible for, team members can iterate smarter and quicker to pre-empt massive wastes of company time and resources.

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