Analyzing Subscription Cancellations by SKU


Having a customer cancel a subscription is always a blow to the company. After all, recurring-revenue models are the best way to boost Customer Lifetime Value, and you often have spent a lot of effort in acquiring and maintaining a solid customer relationship with your subscribers. Therefore, you must understand why a customer canceled their subscription: how did the customer feel unsatisfied? Is this a one-off case, or are other products leading to higher rates of cancelations? Having all your customer data in one place will help you figure these questions out.



Filters Applied

Product SKU

Fields Combined

Shopify: order_id, product_sku

Recharge: re-bill cycle

Zendesk: Support text, issue tag

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Initially, the spike in cancellations in the last two months concerned the entire CX team. However, looking at the data, you notice that most subscription cancellations come from the newly launched keto meals product line. Most of the support text mentioned not being able to stay on a keto diet consistently, and as a result, wanted to cancel their subscriptions. You're relieved to see that a product flaw didn't cause the spike; there's nothing you can do about customers not being able to stick to a keto diet. However, uncovering this insight gave you the idea to tell your CX team to encourage keto plan subscribers to switch to a different plan rather than simply stopping the subscription altogether.

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