Automate Damaged Item Tracking


Imagine you're working at a rapidly growing D2C electronics company. A few customers reached out complaining that their items from a recent sale were damaged. You want to investigate to determine why so many users are having this problem. Ordinarily, you would sift through Shopify, your Returns software, and your Helpdesk to manually put the information in a spreadsheet. But now, you specify the proper parameters within Omnipanel to generate the report.



Filters Applied

Missing Item Tag
Date Range

Fields Combined

Shopify: product SKU, customer name, order $, #s of orders placed

Gorgias: ticket tags, support text

Shipstation: warehouse, carrier, zone, origin facility, ship date

Demo for marketers
Demo for sales
Demo for customer success


OmniPanel shows you all the relevant cases tagged as damaged with the necessary data context. This serves as the springboard for your investigation, thus letting you dive deeper into the trend to uncover underlying issues. Going back to our example, you notice that a particular SKU has been driving returns these last two months. Within Omnipanel, you can import contextual data to discover that all the returns came from the same region with the same warehouse. As a result, you notify your Ops team about your findings, who eventually discover that the warehouse was mishandling the product.

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