Automating E-Commerce Returns Reports


Imagine you're working at a D2C apparel company. As sales rapidly grow, you want to make sure that there aren't any increased customer problems. Ordinarily, the CX team manually logs cases and builds a report at the end of each month, sifting through Shopify, Gorgias, and Loop to manually pull the information. But now, you specify the proper parameters within Omnipanel to generate the report with one click of a button.


Loop Returns

Filters Applied

Return Reason
Date Range
Ticket tag

Fields Combined

Shopify: name, email, order date, order $, SKU, customer name, # purchases, total $ spent,

Loop: return id, return created+delivered date, return reason, amount refunded, return label cost,

Gorgias: email, ticket tags, support text, agent name, messages exchanged, FRT

Demo for marketers
Demo for sales
Demo for customer success


Omnipanel shows you all the cases from the previous month. With heatmaps and other visualizations, your team sees a spike in delivery and logistics support requests. This serves as the springboard for your investigation, thus letting you dive deeper into the trend to uncover underlying issues. And with Omnipanel's integrations, you have the contextual data right there to conduct your investigations right where you build your reports. Plotting the current support cases with historical data shows that these delivery issues rose simultaneously as your company grew. Taking this information, you work with your Ops team to find a new 3PL partner that can fit your company's growing demands.

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