Customer Feedback From Product Launch


Imagine you are a DTC apparel company that recently launched a new line of jackets for the first time. You want to analyze important customer feedback about how they view your marketing campaigns, use of the product, sizing and fit, and the resulting repurchases. Ordinarily, you would have to copy and paste the customer comments and questions by hand into a spreadsheet. But with OmniPanel, you can directly pull the relevant pieces of information automatically to complete your report.


Loop Returns

Filters Applied

Ticket tag
Product SKU
Return Reason
Sentiment Score

Fields Combined

Shopify: product SKU, customer name, email, CLTV

Gorgias/Zendesk: Ticket tag, ticket text,

Yotpo: Review Title, Sentiment Score

Loop Returns: Reason Code

Demo for marketers
Demo for sales
Demo for customer success


Once you've gotten all your feedback in one place, you can draw out the more significant customer feedback trends. You notice that customers aren't in love with the fit around their shoulders, so you pass that feedback to the product team for future improvements. Likewise, you see that customers were wondering about how rainproof the material is, which you pass along to marketing to help them adjust the copy on the product page.

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