Customer Feedback by Product Variants


While the product team can do as much testing as possible before launch, there will inevitably be problems when customers get their hands on the product. Each support request or piece of feedback is like a puzzle piece in highlighting where your product may have deficiencies. But like any puzzle, you have to organize the pieces first. How many of the support requests had to do with defective packaging? How many were shipping issues? Doing so will let you see the overarching insights that your team can take action on.



Filters Applied

Product SKU

Fields Combined

Shopify: order_id, product_sku, CLTV

Zendesk: Support text, issue tag , resolution_tag,

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Within OmniPanel, you can break down the different support ticket types by product SKU. This allows you to see the major types of issues customers are facing for all your products. But let's say you're interested in looking at your top-selling item, which is a long-sleeved T-shirt. All you need to do is apply a product SKU filter. While you felt that delivery times would be the most significant issue customers had, it turns out the top complaint is the product's material: customers complained that the shirt rips too easily. Delivery times were only the 5th most common complaint, as customers were okay with waiting a little longer for this product. Seeing this data helps you prioritize your next steps as you spend the next quarter working closely with the Product team to develop a better material blend.

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