Customer Reviews by Marketing Campaign


We've always measured marketing campaigns based on how many orders they've created. And while driving revenue is always the key metric, in an age where online customer reviews are more accessible and influential than ever, knowing what leads to the most vocal and supportive customers is vital to creating a vibrant community around your product.



Filters Applied

Marketing Campaign

Fields Combined

Shopify: Order_Id, Product SKU

Yotpo: Positive Sentiment Score, Review Text

Klayvio: Promo Code, Campaign Tag

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After bringing in your reviews with contextual data from Shopify and Klayvio, you discover that customers loved the campaigns featuring products from your low-calorie product lines. In particular, customers describe the snacks as their favorite not-so-guilty pleasure. You see that the campaigns that promoted these products were the ones that performed the best as well from both a sales standpoint and positive sentiment standpoint. As a result, you tell your marketing team to continue featuring these product lines to new customers in future email campaigns.

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