Delayed E-commerce Order Tracker


Your goal for this quarter is to reduce severe delays for your customers. You think you can achieve this by developing a system to notify you and your team any time an order is in status processing for more than a week. Your team's process is to manually check the status of the orders with the order date. However, it quickly dawns on you how hard to do this at scale.



Filters Applied

Order Status
Processing Time

Fields Combined

Shopify: order_date, product_sku, customer_name, order_id

Gorgias: ticket_tags, support text

Shipstation: ship date, order status, warehouse, carrier, origin facility, processing_time

Demo for marketers
Demo for sales
Demo for customer success


When applying these fields, you get a table of all the current orders in processing for seven days or longer. From there, you pass that list of applicable orders onto your Ops team, where they will follow up with the case and expedite the processing. You also work with your CX team to proactively notify customers that their order was slightly delayed.

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