DTC Subscribtion Growth


You are a DTC CPG food company. Although most customers buy your items individually, your company wants to promote sign-ups for a subscription service. Marketing previously launched a campaign advertising the service. You are tasked with investigating the factors driving sign-ups and recommending ways to grow them for next year.



Filters Applied

re-bill cycle
Date Range

Fields Combined

Shopify: product SKU, customer name, order $, #s of orders placed

Recharge: re-bill cycle, account age

Klaviyo: Campaigns, clicks

Gorgias: ticket tags, support text


The first piece of this puzzle is looking at subscriptions that were all pulled in from Recharge. You can do so by filtering out accounts that have completed at least one billing cycle. From there, you can import the order history of those subscribers. In doing so, you realize that most customers buy at least one product once before deciding to use a subscription model. Therefore, instead of promoting the subscription products to new customers, you figure it is more effective to target current customers who haven't subscribed yet. As a result, you reach out to marketing, encouraging them to start a remarketing campaign on the subscription service to current customers.

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