E-Commerce Lost Packages Reporting


You see a spike in support tickets over the last month, and your CX team wants you to investigate further. Looking into the cases, you see that the majority of customers reached out because of lost packages.



Filters Applied

Missing Item Tag
Date Range

Fields Combined

Shopify: product sku, customer name, #s of orders placed

3PL: warehouse, carrier, zone, origin facility, ship date, package status, delivery region

Gorgias: ticket tags, support text, support agent

Demo for marketers
Demo for sales
Demo for customer success


Because you pulled in the 3PL data right next to the support requests, you notice that the majority of missing item cases shared the same zone - Zone B. Now that you have a direction to go, you follow up by reaching out to the warehouse and share the data you created. From there, the warehouse reps discovered that a pallet went missing within their warehouse, leading to customers not receiving their orders. After hearing this, your CX team then went to update the customers that reached out about the situation, while also notifying the other customers that were part of the missing pallet of the delay.

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