Promo Codes vs. Customer Reviews


In an age where online customer reviews are more accessible and influential in the purchasing decision than ever, knowing what actions led to the most vocal and supportive customers is vital to creating a vibrant community around your product. After all, how a customer is acquired often influences the customer-company relationship. Imagine identifying the promotions that lead to your most vocal, loyal supports. With OmniPanel, you can pull that up with a click of a button.



Filters Applied

Promo Code

Fields Combined

Shopify: Order_Id, Product SKU

Yotpo: Sentiment Score, Review Text

Klayvio: Promo Code, Campaign Tag

Demo for marketers
Demo for sales
Demo for customer success


Imagine you are a DTC snack company. After bringing in your reviews with contextual data on your promotions, you uncover what promotions were your top customers' favorites. When you looked at the reviews, you saw that customers were delighted with your sampler box promotion, as they appreciated trying a variety of products for a discounted rate. From there, you recommend to your Marketing team to run more sampler-box promotions.

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