E-commerce Subscription Churn


For subscription DTC businesses, a focus on retention and improving CX to reduce subscription cancellations is key to boosting LTV and margins. Let's imagine your business is a subscription CPG product. You want to know a breakdown of what products customers were subscribed to when they canceled and the breakdown of cancellation reasons related to each product in relative terms of total subscriptions.



Filters Applied

re-bill cycle
cancellation reason
Ticket tag

Fields Combined

  • Shopify: product SKU, customer name, region, age, CLTV, #s of orders placed
  • Recharge: Cancellation reason, re-bill cycle, cancellation date
  • Gorgias: ticket tags, support text, agent
  • Yotpo: product, rating, topic sentiment score, review, date
  • Klaviyo: Campaigns, opens, clicks

Demo for marketers
Demo for sales
Demo for customer success


By looking up products with a breakdown of subscription cancellations related to each, your team noticed a high incidence of customers canceling who were subscribed to a particular flavor. Upon looking further into the issue and filtering the batch of cancellations for the support tags and reviews related to them, you could quickly present all of the feedback about product quality in a few clicks. This expedites the back and forth between product teams and helps get a better flavor in customers' hands before the following month's orders get fulfilled.

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