Diagnose Key Factors Driving Returns


As you scale up your sales, it can be more challenging for your team to uncover and respond to underlying customer problems. Fortunately for you, the data to point you in the right direction already exists within your tech stack. All you need to do is organize and consolidate it in one easy-to-interpret place. Let's say you are an E-Commerce clothing brand. You want to be able to track what products customers are returning and why.


Loop Returns

Filters Applied

Product SKU

Fields Combined

Shopify: order_id, product_sku

Loop Returns: return code, return reason

Zendesk: support text

Demo for marketers
Demo for sales
Demo for customer success


By looking up Returns SKU by return reasons, your team sees the most problematic products. You notice that one windbreaker, in particular, stands out in terms of issues encountered. Including the return reasons let you dive deeper into the case. You find that all the return reasons have to do with the material used and not being as waterproof as desired. Seeing as this is a systemic problem, you bring this piece of feedback back to the design team, who will change the material used for the future.

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