Upcoming Subscription Orders by Region


Customers expect e-commerce businesses expected to efficiently and flawlessly deliver orders directly to their doorsteps. Therefore, acing the logistics and operations aspects of your business is the backbone to success within E-Commerce. Imagine you are a DTC subscription snack company that sends out boxes each month to your customers. You want to plot out where the future orders are going by region to help you optimize deliveries.



Filters Applied

Order Status

Fields Combined

Shopify: order_id, product_sku

Recharge: re-bill cycle

3PL: Region, State, Warehouse ID

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Since you combined upcoming subscription orders with customer data from Shopify, you can segment orders based on geographical location. You see the types of products customers from each state prefers. For example, you notice that customers on the West Coast love your gluten-free and dairy-free snacks. You share these trends in upcoming orders with your operations team. In turn, they adjust the inventory in your warehouses, knocking a day or two off of deliveries from those top items.

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