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A good CX agent is the most valuable asset in managing unsatisfied customers. Prompt, empathetic, and effective responses can make a customer more loyal than before, whereas a lousy response will guarantee that the customer churns. How can we determine which CX agents are top performers and who need more training or mentoring? The main metric is first agent response time, which tracks how quickly an agent responds to an escalation. It does NOT measure whether your agent was successful nor includes valuable contextual information to give you insights into how your agents perform. But what if we can create our own performance indicators?



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Using OmniPanel to track the outcomes of support cases, we see that one of our CX agents - Greg - convinced customers to exchange their order for a different one for most of his cases. Greg's process was talking through the customer's expectations, learning how their current product failed to meet expectations, and offering products he thought aligned with what the customer wanted. While his performance did not stand out based on metrics like First Agent response time or amount of cases resolved, his ability to retain customers turned out to save the company a lot of money. Looking at Greg's handled cases, many customers were satisfied with the exchanged product, and some even re-ordered more. Seeing the impact on the bottom line, you coach the rest of the CX team to take on Greg's approach.

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