Understanding Subscription Cancellations


Your Customer Success team notifies you that they noticed a spike in subscription cancellations over the last two months. You want to investigate what type of users are canceling, what is driving the cancellation, and what teams need to address the issue.



Filters Applied

re-bill cycle
Ticket tag
Date Range

Fields Combined

Shopify: product SKU, customer name

Gorgias: ticket tags, support text

Klavyio: promo code

Recharge: customer name, billing cycle

Demo for marketers
Demo for sales
Demo for customer success


Pulling up the cancellations tab, you see all the cancellations over the last two months. But when bringing in data from Recharge, you find that almost all of the cancellations were young accounts with less than two completed monthly billing cycles. The spike in cancellations coming from new customers tells you that the issue comes early in the customer journey. Pulling in data from Klavyio, you find that the cancellations all had the same promo account associated with the accounts, which is another pattern in the cancelations. With the ticket tags and support text from Gorgias, you see that customers expected more value from their subscription based on how they understood the promotional campaign. The campaign included an extra variety box for the first month of their subscription, which customers thought would be part of all subscriptions. Now that you understand the root of the problem, you reach out to the Marketing team to explain the spike in cancellations. You then help align their copy with the product, so customers come in with more accurate expectations.

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