Use Cases

Link your entire e-commerce stack together and power your customer led operations.

Connect the Dots

Clarity across orders, returns, support tickets, shipments, subscriptions, marketing campaigns & more


Highlight your key recurring customer themes. Organize and track all initiatives originating in CX. Customer-centric culture starts with CX tools to support a highly cross functional work flow.


Bundle key customer quotes to add a storytelling layer missing from data-centric dashboards. Help internal teams better understand and engage with key CX initiatives, and put the customer voice first.


Tracking and reporting issues in OmniPanel means the burden of proof doesn't need to fall onto CX. Bundle all the cases and evidence of a particular customer issue in a few clicks. Move the CX agenda forward quicker with data context & evidence at your fingertips.

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Optimize Profit

Keep suppliers, warehouse, & 3PLs accountable. Quantify & track instances of lost items, order inaccuracy, & warranty claims. Claw back $ when they fall short.

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Validate Decisions

Quickly understand customer data and feedback by products, styles, skus, and more.

Product teams take action fast with data context across support, reviews, returns, exchanges, subscriptions, marketing etc.

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Winbacks & Cohorts

Create the most powerful audiences based on any data record across your entire stack.

Find all your customers with a specific characteristic in common and drop them into a thoughtful e-mail or sms campaign.

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Your CX Workspace

One workspace for cross-functional reporting and collaboration with internal teams.

Get beyond support metrics like CSAT, FRT, NPS and track agent performance against dollars sold, retention & LTV.

What you can do

Endless opportunities with OmniPanel.


Promo Codes vs. Customer Reviews

In an age where online customer reviews are more accessible and influential in the purchasing decision than ever, knowing what actions led to the most vocal and supportive customers is vital to creating a vibrant community around your product. After all, how a customer is acquired often influences the customer-company relationship. Imagine identifying the promotions that lead to your most vocal, loyal supports. With OmniPanel, you can pull that up with a click of a button.

Cohort Builder

Customer Reviews by Marketing Campaign

We've always measured marketing campaigns based on how many orders they've created. And while driving revenue is always the key metric, in an age where online customer reviews are more accessible and influential than ever, knowing what leads to the most vocal and supportive customers is vital to creating a vibrant community around your product.

Cohort Builder

Customer Feedback by Product Variants

While the product team can do as much testing as possible before launch, there will inevitably be problems when customers get their hands on the product. Each support request or piece of feedback is like a puzzle piece in highlighting where your product may have deficiencies. But like any puzzle, you have to organize the pieces first. How many of the support requests had to do with defective packaging? How many were shipping issues? Doing so will let you see the overarching insights that your team can take action on.

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Post-Support Outcomes By Agent

A good CX agent is the most valuable asset in managing unsatisfied customers. Prompt, empathetic, and effective responses can make a customer more loyal than before, whereas a lousy response will guarantee that the customer churns. How can we determine which CX agents are top performers and who need more training or mentoring? The main metric is first agent response time, which tracks how quickly an agent responds to an escalation. It does NOT measure whether your agent was successful nor includes valuable contextual information to give you insights into how your agents perform. But what if we can create our own performance indicators?

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Analyzing Subscription Cancellations by SKU

Having a customer cancel a subscription is always a blow to the company. After all, recurring-revenue models are the best way to boost Customer Lifetime Value, and you often have spent a lot of effort in acquiring and maintaining a solid customer relationship with your subscribers. Therefore, you must understand why a customer canceled their subscription: how did the customer feel unsatisfied? Is this a one-off case, or are other products leading to higher rates of cancelations? Having all your customer data in one place will help you figure these questions out.

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Upcoming Subscription Orders by Region

Customers expect e-commerce businesses expected to efficiently and flawlessly deliver orders directly to their doorsteps. Therefore, acing the logistics and operations aspects of your business is the backbone to success within E-Commerce. Imagine you are a DTC subscription snack company that sends out boxes each month to your customers. You want to plot out where the future orders are going by region to help you optimize deliveries.

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