Use Cases

Link your entire e-commerce stack together and power your customer led operations.

Connect the Dots

Clarity across orders, returns, support tickets, shipments, subscriptions, marketing campaigns & more


Highlight your key recurring customer themes. Organize and track all initiatives originating in CX. Customer-centric culture starts with CX tools to support a highly cross functional work flow.


Bundle key customer quotes to add a storytelling layer missing from data-centric dashboards. Help internal teams better understand and engage with key CX initiatives, and put the customer voice first.


Tracking and reporting issues in OmniPanel means the burden of proof doesn't need to fall onto CX. Bundle all the cases and evidence of a particular customer issue in a few clicks. Move the CX agenda forward quicker with data context & evidence at your fingertips.

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Optimize Profit

Keep suppliers, warehouse, & 3PLs accountable. Quantify & track instances of lost items, order inaccuracy, & warranty claims. Claw back $ when they fall short.

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Validate Decisions

Quickly understand customer data and feedback by products, styles, skus, and more.

Product teams take action fast with data context across support, reviews, returns, exchanges, subscriptions, marketing etc.

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Winbacks & Cohorts

Create the most powerful audiences based on any data record across your entire stack.

Find all your customers with a specific characteristic in common and drop them into a thoughtful e-mail or sms campaign.

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Your CX Workspace

One workspace for cross-functional reporting and collaboration with internal teams.

Get beyond support metrics like CSAT, FRT, NPS and track agent performance against dollars sold, retention & LTV.

What you can do

Endless opportunities with OmniPanel.


Returns Reasons vs. Product Attributes

While we consider returns a negative, they can offer valuable information for your business. Return data is one way to get accurate feedback on your product. Customers are incentivized to return a product that didn't meet their expectations, compared to a survey that a customer might breeze past or ignore. On the other hand, customers directly say "I'm not satisfied" when they return an item, therefore highlighting any weakness in your customer journey. Imagine you are a DTC glasses company. You're interested in seeing what products are returned and trying to find a commonality between returned items. However, the sheer volume of support tickets and refund requests is overwhelming. You ask yourself if there's a better way to do this.

Automated Report

Diagnose Key Factors Driving Returns

As you scale up your sales, it can be more challenging for your team to uncover and respond to underlying customer problems. Fortunately for you, the data to point you in the right direction already exists within your tech stack. All you need to do is organize and consolidate it in one easy-to-interpret place. Let's say you are an E-Commerce clothing brand. You want to be able to track what products customers are returning and why.

Global Lookups

Breaking out Returns by Customer Segment

Returns are an inherent part of e-commerce businesses, from broken packages to customers having the wrong product expectations. However, the way many companies view these returns is on a case-by-case basis; this loses you the bigger picture and prevents you from connecting the dots of underlying issues that affect vast swathes of your customer base. Imagine you are a DTC apparel company. You want to see what categories of customers return items, ranging from repeat versus new customers or by CLV or marketing cohort. Knowing which customers are returning items will help you uncover customer insights and highlight hidden customer friction points.

Cohort Builder

Delayed E-commerce Order Tracker

Your goal for this quarter is to reduce severe delays for your customers. You think you can achieve this by developing a system to notify you and your team any time an order is in status processing for more than a week. Your team's process is to manually check the status of the orders with the order date. However, it quickly dawns on you how hard to do this at scale.

Cohort Builder

Automate Damaged Item Tracking

Imagine you're working at a rapidly growing D2C electronics company. A few customers reached out complaining that their items from a recent sale were damaged. You want to investigate to determine why so many users are having this problem. Ordinarily, you would sift through Shopify, your Returns software, and your Helpdesk to manually put the information in a spreadsheet. But now, you specify the proper parameters within Omnipanel to generate the report.

Automated Report

E-commerce Returns Due to QC Issues

You noticed a spike in your overall return rate in the last month. You want to figure out which products are driving returns so you can better select your purchase orders for next season.

Instance Tracker